Friday, December 5, 2014

This Is Not Going To Get It!!

Moving beyond all this!! this is not gonna get it!!  we're moving beyond the status quo!! 

Like Eric Garner in the chokehold the apparatus puts a hold on my status because I didn't quid pro quo...

Why did they start with a bro? I can't breathe!! they're mad because this good word is mentioned at Random Thoughts From A Brotha?  plus at the O-Dog Podcast a brotha is in search of beat perfection?

..per Afrika Bambaataa; Hell is caught by a brotha!!  from Oakland to Ferguson but check the upcoming karmic repercussions for ego trippers thinking they can run our section!!

OMANXL1?  an alter-ego flipper!! O-Zone with this Good Word while  O-Dog has the beats..

Trying to get hearts, minds, souls and spirits right!!  we let anotha have the streets..

..Even though per the funk that is dropped a brotha is from the streets; A Hood Thing!! but like Orion spacecraft blasting off I'm also universal!!

Movin Forward even though I had to sacrifice;  I'm breaking the cycle!! haters soon ask;  where did the curse go?

This brotha was the first to know!!  jumping and recognizing that  God is blessing us!! 
These days?  I get the last laugh!!  especially when when I spot an odd one stressing us!! 

Movin Forward, beyond this!! that's my response to the this!! what? the chaos and confusion..

Others were in the database due to the dollars they chase!! at the end of the day?  they found it's an illusion!! 

Please!! it's not Midnight At The Oasis!! it's amusing to some!! in the desert? it's a mirage..

....Not the casino in Vegas; haters fake us!!  check these ill teams (po po) rollin with an entourage...

Movin Forward!! I encourage others to so per these Mystic Voyages taken by these brothas...

This Is Not Gonna Get It!! I left the status quo; the universe?  a brotha discovers..


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