Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Concept Combo / Seaboarding and Carolina Cruising

Once again it's on as concepts combine!! I'm dipping down I-20 / I-26  with visions of Seaboarding

Once again it's on!!  left Savannah earlier;  now we're checking out Charleston. 

This is my response son to the ongoing madness in this country. 

Actually? it's worldwide, from Palestine drawing up charges in the International Criminal Court to Ebola in the UK how will a bruh play? a brotha is trying to get his mind right so he's chilling in the low country.

Oh I know country!!  I'm City Country City like the jam by War. 

Interacting with Gullah concepts plus per Louisville / Newburg upbringing peeps think I'm gully and ghetto like that during this ongoing spiritual war. 

Acting like I know? a brotha gets that it's par for the course as I expect the unexpected!!

Acting like I know? Nick Chubb and Georgia run over Louisville in the Belk Bowl while I was in Charlotte;  now that was expected.. 

Acting like I know? rolling down I-77 listening to Chubb Rock Treat Em Right but  Kentucky beats Louisville after they layed bricks; that was expected!! who's jumping off the bandwagon? 

Check out this concept combo; Seaboarding in Charleston smelling the salt water off the ocean then Carolina Cruising...

Rolling down I-77 in between Columbia and Charlotte, choosing to take the assignment not opting out like Doug Marrone!

Seeing how my peeps were living per projects on East Bay in Charleston to drama on South Blvd in Charlotte; once again it's on!!

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