Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Observing The Scene / Peeping Game / Doing The Knowledge PT 4

                       *visualizing the sequence of what transpired*

After visualizing the sequence? The Conspiracy Theory was confirmed; lessons were learned after this brotha was peeping game...

Priorities shifting? please!!  my folk still do the heavy lifting!! after doing the knowledge we realize it's all game..

My peeps catch the blame, some things never change!!  but per the so called Freedom Summit some are faking..

Now Rubio, Cruz and Rand Paul meet at the Koch Summit, while O-Dog gets free with the funky drum kit per the Sonic Assault!!  back by popular demand; no need for Black History Month this is history in the making!! 

In history? there was a lot of faking!!  O-Zone is black by popular demand!!  *representin*

Beats we're breaking / splitting like atoms / Fermi bubbles and dark matter?  spirit was led in this direction..

After doing the knowledge? Spirits were fed this soul food; no indigestion!!  nutrition is what it do..

Old school, new school,  and next school combine!!  as we act like we knew...

Old School Puma,Converse or Adidas on!!  observing the scene?  I wasn't seen with a clone;  so what did they know?

 Who acted like they knew a bro? so what it do? after peeping game I spotted the chameleons!! true colors will show..

Karma Charmeleon; Culture Club / Boy George; True Colors; Cyndi Lauper; haters spotted by Doppler.

They can be under or over the radar; if it's about evil; this brotha will spot cha..


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