Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Concept Combo: Carolina Cruising / Damn!! Here We Go Again!! PT.2

                     damn here we go again / it's on once again!!

Get with me on this one!!  after Carolina Cruising? Once Again It's On!! during The Sonic Assault?  beats get drummed up!!!

One step ahead of the Federation;  laws were enforced by Hunger Games Peacekeepers as they creep up on us!! it's easy for charges to get trumped up!!!

One step ahead of the hype that Public Enemy told us about; ...Trumped Up like Donald!!  heard his real estate projects are on hold...

Consequences Summed Up  due to this entity doing the knowledge; plus while dipping down I-26 to Charleston I reflect on episodes that unfold...

During the past holiday season? business was drummed up due to Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday and Super Saturday; it's all about that money!!!

What was the reason for the season?  police officers in New York ask Mayor Bill de Blasio what was the reason for the treason? what's up money?

What was the reason for the season? Steve Scalise was talking the other way with David Duke and the European-American Unity and Rights Organization as new age KKK members get their  hustle on!!!!

What was the reason for the season? this brotha had to ease on down the road per The Wiz on some Carolina Cruising type of biz; it's on!!

O-Zone was chilling but spotted the different concepts Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics..

From the ATL to Charlotte it's Rough Out Here!!  they've got us coming and going!! acting like a bunch of fanatics...

....Had enough of the Madness; like the Palestinian People I felt like I was in the heart of it!! but it's 2015 so I'm not through dealing!! the Sonic Assault is the soundtrack for A Mutiny On The Bounty..

Damn!!! Here We Go Again!! it's on again!! O-Dog wll break this thing down like Stuart Scott (rest in peace / power).... funky is how the sound will be...

Once Again It's On / Sunday Jazz Continues / Check O-Dog's Mix

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