Friday, January 23, 2015

Problems / Issues and Other Things PT.2 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

The Saga / Struggle Continues;  it doesn't matter what zone your in!! no need to check the doomsday clock!!  It's On!!  Once Again..

What's on these menus? full blown drama!!  after the holiday season? it even comes cheap!! but it's no bargain.

Whatcha startin? right after the MLK Holiday jokers play Obama the other way per the State of The Union Address; you know haters will stress!! I  mentioned earlier; Praying? That's How I Make It!!!

Whatcha startin? they say the holiday was a day of service meanwhile we try to swerve with this!! naysayers said it's all love; please!! That's How Some Fake It!!!

How come some take it?    they're accepting status quo;  *Thinking Problems Will Go Away*

They Must Be Worked Through!! like Crown Prince Salman succeeding King Abdullah we  proceed and continue to a better day...

Searching for a better way;  moving at a high velocity with the speed you need taking *The Express Route*  a brotha goes all out..

....Exploring other galaxies; dipped from earth!! flew past Asteroid 2004 BL86  before the nuclear fallout..

Calling out a hater or two before we dipped!! what's it worth? some try to get slick like New England Patriots but knowledge is flipped!!  like Isleys we had work to do...

*Dealing with Problems That Won't Go Away*  Issues? They Must Be Worked Through...

These haters will try to work you; contributing to the confusion!!  they'll get whats coming to them just like Obama said about the Republican arranged visit by  Netanyahu..

Who's really down? will they help you or hurt you? going through these problems and issues we see what it do!!

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