Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Sport Is Complex PT.12 (But We Move On To The Next)

Simple / But Complex;  knowledge dropped per The Sonic Assault; we're blasting back like it's Boko Haram in Nigeria..

What's up next? we won't get charges dropped like George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson types;  the system will play you..

The sport is complex!! meanwhile we'll play you this funk; that's how these brothas ride....

Climbing the mountain like a Capricorn during this Uranus Pluto Square; admit the Simple was made Complex; we came up the rough side...

...Had a rough ride up in the hooptie / The Mothership;  squares tried to get in the circle per Rocko while taking Mystic Voyages; a lot of turbulence....

But the loop will be funky;  we weren't L7 Square per Rick James!! word from these veterans in the game?  we let you know what the scoop will be!!  that's how we work this..

That's how we work this son!! but we'll face drama like Ferguson due to the sport being complex!  

How will we work this son? we need to move forward to another level!! on to the next!!

We're out there moving on to the next;  intergalatic like Rosetta spacecraft but a hater thought we were on the last path!!

We're out there moving on to the next; a fanatic practiced withcraft but they were on that last math!!

We'll get the last laugh but we stay on point knowing that the sport is complex!!

We stay strong!!  knowing we're not the ones society will anoint; but we continue to come with the next...


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