Saturday, January 31, 2015

Summed Up The Consequences

Moves are made!!  but during the ongoing charade they can have rippling effects. 

It's like throwing a rock into the lake!!  some said  they're rocking but they're fake!! soon they'll hear from DMCA Chilling Effects.  

There's a lot at stake!!  but we drop Run-DMC type mathematics when we're dealing with those disrespecting!  some even called themselves having Freedom Summits.

 I was once all up in the spot but I get free and stay free deploying drum kits!!

...They're used as weapons in the ongoing spiritual warfare as we run this conglomerate. 

Sonic Assaults are unleashed!!  Random Thoughts are expressed as we let you know what's going on with it

Those caught up in the system / matrix are stressed!!  pressures of the world even got to Bobby Christina! who'll know what the scene will do? they're out here coming and going. 

Who faked it?  I see ya!! claiming they were blessed and highly favored when they participate in the madness that's ongoing. 

The fresh view / fresh vision enabled me to see *it is what it is* 

What it do?  breakbeat scientific business enabled us to sum up the consequences.  

Refusing to be caught out there!! beheaded by ISIS types due to crisis hypes!!  debatable circumstances will have you wondering are you being built or torn down?

Refusing to be caught out there!! *it ain't nothing nice* after I summed up the consequences per jumping and recognizing!! please!! these devils won't turn the level of scorn down!!

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