Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Collection Activities Have Escalated PT.9 (The Atermath)

  *thoughts were scattered like the crowd when gunshots rang out*

It's the end of the day; What's scattered? before they were collected These Random Thoughts From A Brotha...

It's the end of the day; What mattered? You'll Get Played!!   after the holiday? debt will need to be collected!!  some will get gaffled!!  that's per these new type gangters!! who's following the agenda of anotha?

What's up with ya? after this knowledge is sprayed some are baffled!! a brotha's mind?  they try to pick!!

Negativity occurred!! 12 dead in Paris after Charlie Hebdo is gaffled!! Negativity heard about this BreakBeat Science a brotha try's to kick?

Suspects questioned?  Relativity questioned?  money? time? war? peace?  from the get go you need to do the math / just choose your poison...

Meanwhile on this Humpday?  Work Is Put In!!  Check the Sonic Assault!!  like Public Enemy O-Dog Brings The Noise In!!

Check the style; Collection Activities Have Escalated after thoughts were gathered;  but some lack poise in the Unpleasant Situation They're Caught Up In!!

Where you at? it don't matter where your from or the hood you were brought up in!!

Whose fair with that? Detroit Lions ask that question; it's like, what's up man?

 Who'll truth or dare it? how are you living? after thoughts were collected I realized it's all about freedom!! that's what's up man!

Organized Chaos is the rule in this world;  systems will hacked like Sony, making me realize it's on me!! so to God I stay connected....

Organized like #Icantbreathe or  #blacklivesmatter as we refuse to take a loss as these activities escalate per scattered thoughts being collected..

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