Monday, January 26, 2015

I Like The Way Its Going Down!! PT.1 (Chilling Out For A Minute)


I like the way it's going down; damn!! I'm wishing I could pause or rewind...

A brotha prayed it would go down like this!! don't get me wrong it's rough out here!!  peace is on my mind..

A brotha stayed Down For The Cause; we had to put it down like this!! 1,000 victories like Mike Krzyzewski? now check out the clearance rack epiphany!! now a piece of mine is given..

The Brotha O-Dog played the sound like this!!  BreakBeat Science is what we're giving..

How you living? situations enhanced by the moon illusion?  the Leo February 2015 Full Moon on the horizon..

Reflecting due to the February Black History Month; doing an external and internal inspection; Sequence Visualizing...

How you living? black history making is ongoing!! perpetual!! but per Eric Garner institutions have a chokehold on!!  like this was pro wrestling..

#icantbreathe; the economy is bad; morale is low; the middle class keeps shrinking!! 

Crooks not letting up; my folk get hit up; Gamblers Are Still Out For A Fast Buck...

Fashion Boutiques and ATMs in the A-Town hit up; Big Homie Smashed and Grabbed in a fast truck..

Think fast!! duck down!! the situation is out of control!! automatic weaponry blasted on the block; choose a city..

NYC; LA; A-Town; Chi-Town; Detroit; Bogota; Beirut; Mogadishu; even Sadr City...

So what's the deally? throughout it all we prevailed; we overcome per the civil rights anthem!! 

So what's the deally? at the moment we chill out in a safe haven / safe harbor!! but we keep our guards up!! the saga / struggle continues!! this we're understanding!! 


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