Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Automatic Pilot PT.1

It's going down!! we've got it on automatic pilot but it's easy to crash like AirAsia Flight 8501;  the struggle continues and it's an uphill one!!

The Struggle Continues!!  damn!! it seems like it's on Automatic Pilot!!  it's an Uphill One   Who's Searching for the Authentic? ..The Real

Card sharks will deal one; what? a bad hand!! these Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck..

Jokers will beg borrow or steal one; You'll Get Played!!! then they'll dip in a fast truck!!

...Pressed their luck; dude was up in a Dodge Ram but it was recalled like toys from China...

Shady / Shifty priorities shift for an OG; now up in a Ford F-15O!! those dudes were supposedly blue collar rocking Timberlands but there's no heavy work involved!! nothing no where near mechanical!!  other jokers were spotted wearing Batman pajamas; so where did we find ya?

Shady Like Grady? accusations are met!! but priorities shift for this OG; due to the ongoing dramas Work Is Put In Out In The Mainstream of The Mathematical!!

Hurting Out There? oh yeah!! due to policies and agendas implemented by the fanatical...

Out There where I *holla atcha*  from Pluto to Mars / From Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; From Oakland to Charlotte Mecklenburg!!  but I'm intergalactic so I'm really out of my jurisdiction...

Spiritual Warfare going down!!  oh yeah!! a jury of our so called peers believed the fiction...

So called drug interdiction lead to bogus charges for the rocks instead of powder..

Political friction due to the police brutality? oh yeah!! some are like Public Enemy ready to Fight The Power!!

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