Saturday, January 10, 2015

Automatic Pilot PT. 3

                         building the most elaborate fantasy

Talked to the shade tree mechanic;  he said he was hip to what's under the hood!!

He had it on *automatic pilot*  plus he didn't lie about it!! ..said the energy was kinetic; said he was connected;  like David Petraeus with classified information he knew what was up in the hood..

Check the deliberate falsehood but earlier he said it was all good!! old cliche used;  he just left Lenox Mall in Atlanta; he came through in the Jordan's XX9 Gym Red;  who's misled? not he!!

Polo shirt / True Religion jeans; true to the religion plus he knew things; ready to take off like Space X Falcon 9!! said he could could fix things to set you free..

Whatcha know? he said it was on automatic pilot; like George Zimmerman foul with it? Building The Most Elaborate Fantasy for the family ...I see them...but I wouldn't want to be them..

Total Exclusion Of Reality Involved?  please!! the problem is far from solved!! this brotha is about Freedom

So I free them; Proclamations are made; get free!!  the vehicle? the Sonic Assault is banging...

Out There?  been there!! please!!! like Boko Haram rolling through Northeast Nigeria these folk will leave you hanging....

Hanging On A String like Loose Ends; or a limb; like strange fruit back in the day?

Automatic Pilots malfunctioned; but we had the funk son just check the blends; the harvest bears fruit from sounds from back in the day!!

O-Zone? per crossroads and junctions next level business will get handled like Carolina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks;  But Are We Building An Elaborate Fantasy..

Crossword puzzles, street code, and intergalactic babble per the automatic pilot? back with these clearance rack epiphanies.....


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