Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Who's Down For The Cause PT.2

So what's up? I hit the pause button;  I was chilling for a minute. 

Down for the cause!! but like Charlie Hebdo these punishment gluttons kept doing what they do;  something about *being in it to win it*

They're trying to play it like Ohio State!! but the fine print or the clause in the contract will get them every time!!

I heard alarms going off!!  some thought they were bells and whistles!!  old girl said *everybody ain't able*  to use their minds. 

The mothership has landed;  my mind was expanded due to the mystic voyages. 

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific / who will understand it? like Mike Huckabee vs Jay Z a hater discourages.

 Down here on earth? it's where my kind are taken for granted!! but we work this to our advantage.

 Earthlings are surprised!!  they see were on our way after pausing for the cause;  we put it down!!  if we did or didn't a hater damned it!!

Who's down for the cause? breakbeat scientific business? we handled it but there are no Golden Globe Awards

Who's down for the cause? folk marched in Paris but seem to overlook Boko Haram!!

I hit the pause button for a minute; chilling in the Carolinas from Charlotte to the low country...  

Now down for the cause per these breakbeat scientific actions; rebuking evil factions worldwide; actually universal, not just in this country..

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