Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rough Out Here For A Player PT.4

it's like this and like that and a

It's like Judge Greg is rough!! just trying to make do!!!

Dealing with the madness!! as these fanatics try to fake you.

Where did the agenda take you? all of us are out here! out there!! struggling.

Where the did the pretender take you? said it was a Fantastic Voyage like Lakeside.

Wise to the set up!! the system will discourage!! now we see how the fake ride.

As we rise to the occasion...we Can't Let Up!! time is not on my side like The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger sang.

As we rise to the occasion..reading the Rolling Stone...casing the joint!! who has the dagger? what did they bring?

Who turned their swagger on? like Soulja Boy..said it's nothing!! they would make it happen.

Now chaos and mayhem is the by product!! what's the conduct? it's like Jeffrey Osborne and LTD..back in love again?

Didn't have to wait on Maury again!! for the results!! they were the father.

Rolling with different cults of calling on the heavenly father.

A devil will say why bother? heard them say it "is what it is."

But I break out of L-7 square like Rick James!! also like Teena Marie? I'm handling square biz.

Taking care of business!! going in!! getting it in!! just trying to make do.

Keeping it real compared to what!! like Les McCann!! I cant fake you.

Hating? I shake you off like Iverson did with the crossover!!

Going off on them!! I make do!! take the win and loss! I know it's not over.

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