Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Bruh Is Rocking This!!

As we proceed and continue!! like the jeans..O-Dog will rock this republic.

Actually? the universe!!! low key!! low profile!! check the style!! Las Vegas tourist T-shirt..South Pole jeans..didn't have True Religions or Rock and Republic.

This is how we rock!! but Republicans knock a brothas hustle!! like they do Obama!! Michael Steele knows.

What's up with him..this Brotha O? what's the situation? it's about Progressive Liberation!!! it's down the stream of consciousness he flows.

Sources of Illumination?..the secret garden grows!! who knows about it? Random Thoughts, The Funk Seminar, and the Sonic Assault.

What's Really Going On? Brotha O-Zone is bossing like Gibbs on NCIS.

Caught out here!! out there!! some were waiting for answers..others like Goldman Sachs..fronting and flossing!! wasn't part of the natural process.

As we come back with this!! avoided Arizona..others were caught out here..out the storm..but the answer was in front of us!! had the knack for this!! now it's on and popping.

As we come back with this!! it's the brand new funk were dropping.

O-Dog is hip-hopping!! plus rocking out!! weapons used in the ongoing struggle.

The saga/ struggle continues!! some will get torpedoed like South Korea ships!! a lot of roles a bro will juggle.

Little homie was slapped upside the head with tbe muzzle of the gun!! due to Sensory or Information Overload!!

Game sold or told? either was violating the street code.

Dude said it's not tricking if you got it!! but that mode made it hard for other brothas!!

My mode is kicking knowledge!! the Mothership gets good mileage!! mysteries a brotha unravels..peeping game like the Hubble Telescope...what it do? breakbeat scientific principles he discovers.

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