Thursday, April 8, 2010

Any Love Shown?

Was any love shown? please!! for a dollar? they'll throw you under the bus.

What's known? the old cliche is heard; no peace and no justice.

Please!! spotted using the 60's slogan that's still relevant.

Please!! what it do? were bumping heads with the apparatus aka the system..we see no one's benevolent.

Bumping our heads against the wall!! the devil was in the details!! had to figure the cipher out.

Sometimes bombarded..information overload as we go all out?

Steady bombardment of the enemy position was our response.

Rocked steady like Whispers!! all up in the heart of it!! detonating explosive devices..funk bombs.

Unlike Joe Biden F-Bombs!! unlike improvised explosive devices in Iraq.

Doing what I like!! word from Humpty and Digital Underground as we get down O-Dog rock.

Doing what I like!! but some are knocking the hustle!! haven't stopped hating.

Doing what I like!! heard all the belligerence!! some haven't stopped debating.

Doing what I like!! some have stopped relating..but they're still family.

Is any love shown? some were acting like they don't understand me.

So where did this land me? all up in the spot!! trying to blend in.

Too much of a difference!! these days? minding and tending.

But still message sending!! the hot messenger is putting messages in the songs.

They still said I was a hot mess!! any love shown ?

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