Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We Kept It Moving / Please!! Life Is A Marathon..

As we proceed!! hmmm!!  we realized if we kept it moving good things would happen! 

Life is a marathon!! we kept on running through Babylon!! but we stayed out of Fort Lee New Jersey per Gov. Christie...we refuse to be trapped in!

 Reality pimp slapped them and those!! soon others got hit by the blackjack!

 Reality checks are cashed by pimps, players, wannabe macks and divas here in Atlanta!! actually everybody has the knack! 

Actually?  this brotha disconnects from the mainframe!! now I'm trying to maintain!! but its rough out here! 

Another disrespects;  the reign began with a in Syria? jokers will call your bluff out here! 

Polar vortexes  show you its cold out here!! pain from the frostbite will sizzle the mind , body,  soul,  and spirit!

Bipolar jokers say the sport is complex!!  saying those that front and floss like Bernie Madoff ain't right!! they're out here struggling !! they're wishing it was know the apparatus will issue a demerit! 

...or two or maybe a few!! but I knew what it do!! I'm going off!!! life is a marathon!

 That's why I kept it moving!! showing and proving!! jokers wonder what were on!

Plus they wonder what others are on like William Gates vs Obama; ...dry snitching like Eric Snowden... 

Even Stevie Wonder can see when one check the drama...on local national international and even intergalactic fronts a fanatic will get open.. 


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