Saturday, January 11, 2014

Please!! They Don't Know Anything About It

I can see whats going on!! but some can't..soon they're suspended for the whole season like Alex Rodriguez..but they claim they didn't know anything about it! 

Like Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two?  these danger zone breakbeat scientific studies were conducted!! doing the knowledge!! but I see some did without it!

O-Zone wasn't corrupted by these fanatics!! act like you knew!!  please!! this brotha is intergalactic..the mothership got good mileage!! good things happen when I kept it moving!

Oh yeah!! danger zone moves affected me but I'm the old school hip hop cliche and Wiz Khalifa's debut.. I'm show and proving! 

Others were proving to me..that they didn't know anything about it! 

...Telling others about Louisville and what goes my Chuck D voice... but they had their doubts about it!

... Dude from the NYC got robbed over in Parkhill!! plus the Fort Knox soldier got robbed by the honeys he met at the Greyhound Bus Station! 

...They took him over in Village West...he thought he had the gist of it!! but he was at the wrong station! 

What it do? no relations to the village idiot could be established!! plus I'm not related to the court jester! 

Local?  national?  international? or  intergalactic? that's where the drama goes down!! the mission should be aborted by types similar to  Uncle Fester!

..or even Uncle Vester!!  reality will get the best of ya!! some know about that! 

Uncles at the family reunion will cut a rug!! telling you "you don't know nothing about that"

 Superbad by James Brown plays in the background!!  whatcha know about that?  do the knowledge! 

We kept it moving!!  good things happen that way!! plus the mothership gets good mileage!

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