Monday, June 8, 2015

Chilling Out / I Had It On Cruise Control

Cruising like Smokey Robinson; sonic grenades? we're lobbing them, plus we'll swing the Sonic Blackjack..

Losing like Tiger Woods, we're caught up in the system / matrix / charades but we're able to bring it back...

Meanwhile? It Don't Stop!! it's tight in these hoods but we do the damn thing!!this is next level business

The madness didn't stop!!  the struggle is real!!  like Cleveland Cavaliers we're serious about this thing, there is no time to play!! that's what the deal is!!

Cruising down I-20 in Atlanta Listening to Freddie Hubbard / Red Clay, especially since we're down here in the red clay state of Georgia..

I guess it represents the bloodshed after some were misled / waiting in the dark; that's word from this A-Town resident from Louisville, so what's the deal? I told Nathan Shady Deal I'm not trying to start with ya...

Rolling Up With A Small Army;  I was rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal hat, not red and black for Georgia Bullgogs or Atlanta Falcons!! things are foul son, it's way to real!! plus thought and fashion police said we're holding Hazardous Material!!

Like the G7 Meeting Who's Part of The Conspiracy? who's feeling me? they didn't know what we had was spiritual..

What it do?  on the clearance rack what put this epiphany; who's feeling me? you know those Gangstas always get even!! you know what they say about those kind..

What it do? interference by ISIS in Iraq and Syria is about to make some lose their minds..

During the ongoing crisis? some tried to live without light, they closed the blinds..but it's not part of the Natural Process.

Writing this while the Moon is in Pisces, I was just chilling out but the apparatus wants to impose penaties and fines!! offers were made so forces could combine!! but it's like oh no!! not this..

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