Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wrapping Things Up

Typing this good word like I was writing software or code!! plus playing the piano, like I was in a lounge in Las Vegas; we're trying to send messages...

Wrapping things up at on this June 30th, the end of the month; check the scenario, intergalactic / retro-futuristic;  my soul goes back to before the middle passages....

Bubble wrapping these hot messages dropped by O-Zone; known throughout the galaxy,  plus O-Dog drops funk after building with  Extra Terrestrials on other planets;  these brothas are also known in the hood....

Providing answers for the question that was asked; this funk and good word is what's good...

Encouraging the massive while others are distracted and act passive!!  knowing Republicans would knock the hustle!! Donald Trump trotted out as a spokesman?

What's up man? some are caught up in red tape or caught up in the system / matrix!! soon surrounded by yellow crime scene tape!! it's no joke man..

Security cameras tape the episodes like vandals destroying Wal Mart in Macon; spirits broken but some are faking!! meanwhile we're breaking this English and these beats;  O-Dog does the damn thing!!

Phil Mickelson type *Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck*  are card stacking!! soon countries like Greece will go under!! I'm  keeping my eye on what a joker brings..

Satellites used for GPS tracking? NSA influenced? tried to send up crashed....karmic repercussions?

Insights are still dropped as we wrap things up at the end of June; O-Dog gets it right by multi-tracking per breakbeats stashed in the lab; influenced by keyboards, samples, pianos, percussions..

Insights are still dropped as we wrap things up at the end of June; O-Zone? I'm typing on HP and IBM keyboards /  or Roland and Yamaha keyboards!!

Visualizing The Sequence   it's all game, realized it after we peeped this!! it's rough out here!! from Ferguson to Baltimore!! from NYC to Charleston Seaboards!

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