Thursday, June 18, 2015

Still Resisting The Hostile Takeover

We had to tell the fake the game is over!!  as we rebuke *The Hostile Takeover*   we dipped through the portal!! slipping through the cracks unexpected..

The break is over!! there's Work To Do Like The Isley Brothers!! what's up? Here We Go Again!! who ignored the wise and otherwise? these brothers!! now errors are corrected...

What it do? O-Zone mic-checked it / O-Dog dropped the beat!!! now *We're Going In*

Apologizing; we're in it, up to our necks, with the blue collar style!! rocking the *Hard Hat With The Lantern On Top*   down I-20 in Atlanta is where we're flowing..

Whatcha Knowin?  the devil is a liar!! Dylan Roof type devil's advocates will try to shoot up the church like in Charleston but there's still Spiritual Significance In This Operation;  we try to uplift..

Whatcha knowin? proof was provided after Carolina Cruising dipping down I-26 in Charleston feeling a strange vibe!! my intuition a gift?  

Bay Area constituents raise the roof out at the Oracle Arena in Oakland as the Golden State Warriors put it down!! it gives the whole area a lift!!

Mass hysteria due to opiates and barbiturates?  life is a bitch isn't it!! soon these debatable circumstances will lead to a Cultural Revolution!!  that's what will happen when priorities shift..

Will priorities shift in Nigeria as they fight Boko Haram? or will it be business as usual?

Territories reflect the status quo!! love didn't live here anymore per Rose Royce, but even Tom Jones said it; To Be Loved By Someone? it's not unusual

Not doing the Carlton dance, plus I'm not dancing with the stars per Alphonso Ribeiro...

From Ferguson to Baltimore to Charleston we resist the hostile takeover; jokers were just terrorists posing a threat!! we had to tell the fake the game is over!  

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