Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Magical..

Somebody said its all love; but we find out otherwise..some are slick like oil leaks in the Yellowstone we find out about the lies and innuendo!

In the paint some go hard like Dwight Howard..or maybe Waka Flocka Flame..they push and shove; so whatcha been through?

It's all game...I've seen you out there in the midst of spiritual warfare; your psyche got beat up!

Storm chasers stay busy like in Kansas or Oklahoma;  the psychic said things would heat up!

Caught out there!! go speed racer go!!  burn the streets up!! burn rubber on me  like the Gap Band!

Weed eaters cut down high weeds where snakes in the grass roam..damn man!!

Caught out there!! guns clap man like Afghanistan; over in Islamabad!

Caught out there!!  fools rush in!! but it's rough on a first responder; whose bad?

Caught out there!!  schools of thought run the train...transponders transmit the message!

Caught out there!! Sonic Assaults are the response; in the songs are a message!

Some are still debating irrelevant issues; they're distracting the masses.

Some are stunting playing Hollywood roles after taking acting classes.

Whose shaking asses? needed to watch themselves per Mystical!

Were making passes; whose catching them? the outcomes magical!

As we get with's going down..something fresh? we're batching them up!! .as we proceed and continue...

Check the's magical...when this breakbeat science is on the menu..

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