Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Still Hard To See In The Smoke and Mirrors

Its still hard to see in the smoke and mirrors; plus the fog is heavy like it is in Atlanta when I wrote this! 

...Plus others are waiting in the dark about to black out; you'll get jacked out there!!  found out by the river in Montreal like the mafia boss Salvatore Montagna...the drama goes down from Tripoli to Cairo; on out here to Atlanta; you can quote this! 

...Plus others are hating; whatcha know about this?  they're telling you your vote was worthless; Obama won't accomplish much! 

....Plus others are debating irrelevant issues like Republicans; please !! they won't accomplish much! 

.....So on and such and such!! what's the cliche?  it is what it is!! plus its like this and like that! 

It's hard to see in the smoke and mirrors...but once again its on!!  were at the Critical Stage of Development...another battle in culture and spiritual warfare? know we had to fight that! 

.....Easy to get caught up..caught out there..what's happening man? please!! like NATO in Pakistan you'll get hit I dipped for a minute; but I came right back...mystic voyages were taken..had to admit I tried to get lost on purpose! 

...In it to win it!! dedicated to the is put in blue collar I show a sense of purpose!

As we work this....paying the price to be free..actually overpaid..but like the NBA Lockout ending the game will be played..even though I almost crashed the train of almost derailed!

...Let the games begin!! but it was hard to see in the smoke and mirrors; so some of my endeavors failed! 

.....just like the deficit panel; who'll understand a brotha?  like the Space Shuttle Endeavour on it's final voyage  or even the Mars Rover  about to take off I sailed across the universe!

....Now using a fresh view fresh vision...a bruh will reverse the curse!

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