Saturday, November 12, 2011

Recognize The Pattern..We're Still Doing Damage...

As we proceed; as we recognize the pattern..we noticed that were still doing damage! 

We wish it was simple..but it still "ain't nothing nice" the situation in the Arab'll get suspended like Syria..check out the ongoing scrimmage!

...."It ain't nothing nice" just check the seasons for the reasons....The Arab Spring....whose caught up in the mass hysteria?...caught up in scandals like Joe Paterno..whatcha know? as we win some and lose some; as we use the piano and drums as weapons during these battles! 

What were we on? we recognized the pattern..they accused us of terrorism when we play the brand new funk...they said the hooptie sounds like a car bomb when the trunk rattles! 

Whose dumbfounded after a snitch tattles?  they said it was their Call of Modern Warfare 3..they even act like they knew me...I saw they were all up in those peoples face! 

....What's the deal?  we exercise diplomatic immunity; check out the Black Ops..dipping through the community in the hooptie...the piano or drum sounded the warnings to these and those...rolling  like the Black Sabbath reunion..they were in the database....

...Due to the dollars that they chase; in Atlanta chased by black cops that KRS-1 mentioned...they didn't even rest on the you know the process was doing damage! 

Who hollas at us during the process? what's up with this? you'll be caught up like Conrad Murray...who'll work with me? whose seeing how we survive? we're paying the price to be free...we're still doing damage!

You heard me? as we come through....we try to rescue some folk like Wilson Ramos down in Venezuela..

You heard me? as the work we put in can be multi-dimensional..we can be a priest, scholar....or even a mobster / good fella

...we're still doing damage,,,,,

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