Monday, November 7, 2011

All Up In The Spot..The Monday Morning Blahs Edition...

Once again it's on...we're all up in the spot; faking and juking on the run play like Emmitt Smith back in the day!

Or maybe Barry I rock the number 20 throwback jersey..who'll work with me? whose fair with us in love or war? please!! they didn't understand us as the mothership lands us back on earth; are we back in the way? 

Earthlings damn us if we do or don't; getting  played like Herman I go back in history...doing the knowledge...are we back to play a part in the ongoing confusion? 

How did we work this? sometimes injuries were inflicted due to the mind blowing decision! 

Word from Heatwave!! did we misbehave? of course we did!! that's how its done when your all up in the spot! 

Plus the skeptics learned a lesson..the heatwave was due to global warming; check this...O-Dizzle even felt the he'll make it hot! 

Plus its easy to be enslaved up in the spot; distracted and preoccupied...trying to survive..paying the price...meanwhile we globe trot; spanning the globe brainstorming! 

Plus in Syria we deal with more than natural elements when it starts reign storming!

During the Arab Spring the weather was inclement!! but it was like that in the A-Town and even on Wall Street! 

Even in Oakland the Occupy movement got open; all up in the spot plans are put in motion..rebuking the call for our defeat!

The prosecution motions will take some off the street..that's how it is when your all up in the spot...

Persecution? we fight those notions...we're not the the ones...oh no were not!!

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