Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going Off On Them..As Usual!!

Chilling out up in souls kitchen; a chef like Emeril...preparing the elixir or broth! 

....Sonic and lyrical pot liquor as we get with ya!! these brothers are going off! 

All up on it!!  but like Herman Cain will tell ya..sometimes the timing is off; it's like Mercury is retrograde! 

All up on it; meanwhile the crimies in Louisville were going off on another escapade! 

...Dude dipped down Muhammad Ali Blvd in the Brown Bros Cadillac Escalade; he said business needed to be handled! 

Others still played the Sedan Devilles; sideways glances gave cold chills..its real when business get handled! 

..dealing with Mexicans With Guns..or the Sinaloa Cartel in Arizona?..auras get vandalized and tagged with more than graffiti! 

..word from Ernest Gonzalez...building Glass Pyramids..check the Middle East dynamics...bodies were on display at AD Porters in the Ville or at the market like Gaddafi!

This veteran in the sport is now coaching; who can stop me? I'm going off on them! 

God is blessing his people; I'm asking naysayers whatcha know about him?

Dropping this good word and brand new funk on them...some doubt the Greek Prime Minister with his Referendum..

You heard? armchair quarterbacks were like Mitt Romney...they said they had a plan....but reality will get the best of them.. 

Meanwhile were going off on them...were dedicated to the we go there...we bring it back...what will the response be? you know there's not gonna be any rest for them and those..that's why peeps are going off on them at Occupy Oakland..

Check the style..the Sonic Assault will be unleashed...O-Dizzle will rock knowledge is dropped by O-Zone..

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