Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Still Asking Questions...

 I kept looking around; asking myself questions..I wanted to know; whats the deal?

Sometimes the questions answer themselves; maybe it's the cost of doing business like Herman Cain sexual harassment suits...it's letting me know whats real!

.....Plus time will reveal the bogus and the fake; I heard some are in pain after driving the baseline..met the killer...shots are penned on the backboard...some aren't on one accord...its evident!

.....Plus self fulfilling prophecies actualize; NBA Lockouts broken down to size? recognize the patterns and and even chains; whose benevolent? 

.....Plus the devil can get tricky; you should know he's a liar; might even get ripped off and divorced like Kris Humphries...the masses were geeked up! 

.....Plus you can "get got" like Gaddafi...winning and or losing streaks are up! 

Cartels are broken up like Sinaloa in Arizona..whats up with ya? whose subject to the authority? now they'll have to work it another way! 

Its not hard to tell; you'll succeed or fail..adjustments will need to be made; just like Tim Tebow..whatcha know? were just trying to work it out so we can make it to another day! 

A brotha will play the brand new funk while dropping science; after doing the knowledge!

..That's letting me and others know what the deal is; the mothership gets good mileage!

Dipping through the universe at a high velocity...with the speed you need...proton running and atom smashing like the Large Hadron Collider.. 

We fight back with the beat and a verse..word from God's Property..clashing with these earthlings..they're hating on these freedom riders...

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