Friday, November 11, 2011

What's That Noise PT.3....They'll Bring The Drama To Your Front Door

Strange noises are heard; now alarms go off...whose going off?  now it's like the Oakland Raiders in San Diego..comfort zones get raided!

Strangers lose poise; reason gave way to heard? it's like that..they're confronted by their arch nemesis; condolences were belated! 

Danger confronted due to artificial /astro  turf on the other side of the fences type circumstances!! who will accuse us? it's like the Los Zetas vs Twitter users situation..whose led by those who hated? maybe scandals like Penn State's were a determining factor! 

This art is official; refusing to be a ward of the state up in the pen..subject to the authority...breakbeat science is used to fight turf wars when safe harbors and safe havens are under attack; by an actress or actor! 

Issues will distract Herman Cain's..I heard some are in your caught spots get sown up; like a seamstress! 

Were back with ya!! spots get blown up!! especially when we drop this breakbeat science..let the healing process we float through the stream of consciousness! 

As we come with this!! spots get fortified as we secure the safe haven the safe harbor!

Spots around America get occupied....from Wall Street ..from Oakland and even up in your land..meanwhile referees and officials in the sport lied!! its hatred they harbor! 

They'll try to shut it down like the NBA..please!!! this art is official ....we play it like the we keep it one hundred!

Guarding the safe haven safe harbor..what's up with it? were dedicated to the truth...spotted the bus rolling...they'll try to throw us under it!

Going hard in the paint....betting like Vegas..paying the price..over or under with it..the saga / struggle continues...

No longer showing restraint....check it out..we couldn't take this any breakbeat science is on these menus...

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