Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Strategy ; Part Of A Bigger Plan

Whats the deal..who had a plan? like the Black Eyed Peas splitting up?  whose plotting or scheming; coming up with a strategy?

Whats the deal?  spots get occupied like Troy Davis Park in Atlanta...during the battle between the haves and have nots?  haters even tried to holla at me!

Whats real? how did your boy behave with this?  up in the spot somebody lied!! sounding like Donald Trump talking about his wealth....more lying than the Republican debate...another still shows hate...its not me they told the prosecutor!

Whats real? what's the strategy up in the spot?  what's the word from Troy Davis? in Georgia you recieve the lethal injection or they'll electricute ya! 

Whose trying to get cute with ya? spotted taking glamour shots or doing video shoots for MTV or 106 and Park! 

Whose handling the dispute for ya? what's the strategy..sounding like Conrad Murray's attorney; they had you waiting in the dark! 

Now your about to blackout; who'll work with me? some will back out; found out they're hating when we got to the end of the day!

Its easy to get jacked out here in the Babylon wilderness; check the weather...what's the deal with this? what's the forecast? we had Arab Spring..now Arab Autumn is upon us...how did we play?

We're coming real with this...doing the damn thing!! putting it down like this!! we fight back with this good word; plus we let the music play!

We're coming real with this...holla at me!! just check the strategy..we're dedicated to the truth...plus we go into action after we pray....

Check the strategy...this is all part of a bigger plan...no shady business conducted..not hazing like the FAMU band...

Check the strategy....moving forward...like Dr. Phil said..we got over it...no more blues like Bobby Blue Bland..

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