Friday, November 4, 2011

BreakBeat Scientists Putting It Down Like This and That..

Peeping game like the Hubble Telescope at the black hole..I see its like this and like that! 

Whose sleeping in the game? I dipped through listening to Freddie Hubbard..what's the magnitude..the scope? some are soon in a world of trouble like Lou Rawls mentioned...I paid  I dipped for a minute; but I came right back!..

...In a minute I'll be right on time; word from the Brothers Johnson!

...In it to win it!! sometimes the offense isn't working so the defense will create something! 

Wanna be starting something? word from Micheal Jackson!! you heard me? now defense attorneys hired like Conrad Murray... due to being caught up in the action!

Check the ongoing cycle; who jumped the fence where astro turf was put in? 

Meanwhile work is put in by these blue collar breakbeat scientists; were dedicated to the truth..its like this and like that! 

Check the style; while others were waiting in the dark were usually where the light is at! 

...Or is for the proper English; proper when we handle this breakbeat science business..its like this and like that!

Whose trying to stop the pain and anguish? its related to frontline spiritual warfare business; as we continue to fight that!

Haters front on know what the deal is...who'll act right with that? not a damn thing has changed!!

So these breakbeat scientists continue to do what we do,,the good word is dropped..the beats banged...

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