Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Outback Chronicles (A Different Perspective)

What's the deal?  the change of scenery / different perspective had taken on a whole new meaning. 

What's real? I'm not left hanging out there like World Trade Center window washers!!  what does it all mean to me?  scattered thoughts are collected for a whole new meaning. 

Who's hanging on a string like Loose Ends?  please!! Mitch McConnell was left out there per the US-China Climate Change deal!!

Beats are banging per the O-Dog blends while O-Zone drops the good word!!  letting you know the struggle is real!!

So what's the deal? these Outback Chronicles seem to have a new shine or veneer from the fresh view / fresh vision

Outback!!  raking leaves, cutting grass; like veterans from this past Veteran's Day the war didn't blow my mind this time per Delfonics!!  fake moves by those deceiving fall apart!!  cutting the grass revealed the snakes!! it showed me how they're living! 

Outback in 70 degree weather in November down here in Atlanta!!  soon were shivering due to the return of the polar vortex.

 "Holla back"  after 360 degree maneuvers!!  you might understand a bruh when I say the sport is complex

Give the dollar back that they bought you with!!  these days it can be Democrat or Republican. 

The scholar is back!!  studies conducted while sitting outback on the deck!!  after putting work in. 

Episodes in Ferguson reminded us we can be put into a trick bag

Modes of transportation vary from the Rosetta Philae Lander on 67P to  the hooptie dipping down I-20!!  or rolling with my brother in the vintage Jag.

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