Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific / We're All About This!!

My kind are suspects after the media flips the script; check the stereotypical bombardment!!

Some follow the script as they disrepect themselves;  Oh Yeah!!! radios and stereos typify how hard some will get!! but we rebuke the enemy with the steady bombardment!!

Knowledge I flip as the GOP takes over it from Nathan Shady Deal in Georgia to Mitch McConnell  in Kentucky,  but all a brotha hears when he turns the dial on the radio is tales of gangsterism!!

Hunger Game peacekeepers ride out but due to the programming I see crews in the hood  roll up;  wannabes and pranksters with them!!

The reign of terror creeps up on us; I Turn on the broadcast system.....****A Man Has Been Shot At A Cheap Hotel in The Downtown Area****

Check the grey area scenarios; what was the cause of that?? drug sales and prostitution, you know the scenario!!!

It's going down in your friendly neighborhood; from the sands of Iraq and Syria per ISIS to neighborhood Ramada Inns and Motel Sixes!!!!

It's going down!! it's hard out here for a pimp!!  knowledge was dropped by Mafias of The Three Sixes!!

Meanwhile on the O-Dog Podcast a pimp mixes Gospel, Rock, Funk, Jazz and Hip Hop!!

Check the style!! it's similar to Funkadelic.......Just call it  **Retro-Futuristic Cosmic Slop**

Check the style!! now I'm on another level  per the catch phrase **God is good all the time**All The Time God Is Good**

He can reach you anywhere!! on any level and at any time!! It don't matter what hood!!

So what's good? O-Zone and O-Dog stood up ***We Dared To Look At The Obvious***

Check the this breakbeat science that we put down; Were all about this!!!!

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