Sunday, November 9, 2014

What Does It Tell Us? (Jumping and Recognizing)

Some may jump to the same conclusion I have after doing the knowledge; what did it tell you?

Alarms go off!! lights come on!! we wake up from the illusion / the confusion!!  so what are you using after defense mechanisms fail you?

The GOP type of shadetree mechanics say they can fix it!!  meanwhile merchants sell you products that you don't need!!

Now your hooked!!  capers go down! into jail you're booked!!  that's the kind of conduct you didn't need!!

...Said you had the need for speed; O-Dog's High Velocity track is heard!! jokers said he was trying to impress when he came with these fresh batches;  was it the performance syndrome?

But you didn't have the need to bleed!! that wasn't the priority!! per Obama and immigration we know how to play with matches;  some jumped to the wrong conclusion.

This world is full of confusion; who's in conflict with it?  conditions can be adverse...

Hooked up with O-Dog!! the funk? that's what he was using!! O-Zone? I had a verse..

I had a verse or two; while others were like Democrats vs Obama they're cursing you; Democrats taking blacks for granted? we're observing you!! we come to put it down!!

Here We Go!! Here We Go!! we're back with this!! letting you know what's up with the sound!!!

We had to let things go that were a distraction!! we're  ignoring the science dropped by an ill faction!!  situations we're rectifying!!

We did the knowledge; we're up in the action after seeing what it tells us!! after jumping and recognizing!

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