Sunday, November 16, 2014

They Wanted To Know How I'm Living

Inquiring minds asked me; They want to know how I'm living?? How am I living??

Until the shot clock expires? I told them today and *Everyday* I'm using a *Fresh Vision*Fresh Vision**

A *Fresh Vision* * Fresh View* That's how I'll do; that is what it do!!

That's how I'm living!! It's no joke!!! the brotha O-Zone will not lie to you!!

I'm not a politician Democrat or Republican; what's up man? I won't choke up in tears and cry to you per  **Cry Me A River** like Justin Timberlake!!!

I'm not sleepin!! please!! evil is "creepin"  : they can be dressed up *funky fresh*  or bummy!! as we deal with the fake!!

My people will be blessed up in the piece!! the drum will be the weapon of choice as we come out fresh with a brand new batch!! a lot is at stake as these so called *Movers and Shakers* implement policy!!

My people will be stressed up in this piece per Ferguson type shenanigans!! It'll shake our souls as we go through this journey / this odyssey!!!

How am I living? I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta behind the slow moving Honda Odyssey reminding me of setbacks and obstacles but G-O-D will sponsor me and you, all we have to do is send up prayers!!!!

He provides a kinetic energy interceptor, shielding our auras with many layers!!

How am I living? no ace inhibitors are needed!!  dropped the sodium!!  no high blood pressure!!!

How am I living? I grew up around habitual criminals down to Plan Z!!  but these days? I'm repelling evil ones; they're creeping not sleepin!!  they'll apply the pressure!!

Evil ones will test ya; the apparatus is using Psychology; Sociology; Economics and Political Science!

What's the response??  Me and O-Dog will use** BreakBeat Science**

Exercising our minds; ignoring the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors!! the apparatus is unforgiving!!

Answering the question!!! somebody wanted to know how I'm living!!

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