Monday, November 17, 2014

Catching Up On Things

What's the deal?  were coming out fresh with a brand new batch!!  were catching up on things. 

What's the deal?  like Mexican cartels supplying Chicago with that product were batching up things. 

What's the deal? I  had to admit we were once latching on to things!! but the Lord provided signals that we needed to let go and move on!

Per Dwayne Woods Let Go Let God!! it's not odd!! it's like authorities telling us to *move on, nothing to see here*  but let me be clear;  in Ferguson they were wrong. 

They were strong!!  residents of hostile territories were heard saying that!!  like we were that Frenchman in ISIS or somebody.

We're not about that life / doctrine;  me and O-Dog are rocking!  the sound will make you think or move your body. 

We're locked in!!  focused on these breakbeat scientific principles!!  taking things to the next level

R.I.P.  to Thomas Eric Duncan in the lime green shirt;  also to  Dr. Martin Salia  from Sierra Leone!!  check out what were on as we rebuke the next devil.

Dunking like Lebron James in these games!!  lime green safety vest worn by first responders after the fact!!

.... Trying to catch up on things;  this veteran in the game shows rookies he had the knack. 

.....Trying to catch up on things like cookies in the browser tracking all the moves that are made!!

Trying to batch up things!! check out this product from the lab!! grooves are made!!

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