Thursday, November 27, 2014

Collection Activities Are Escalated PT.7

 It's going down like no indictments in Ferguson!! thoughts are gathered like family reunions but  this is a strange season. 

It's going down like the bad weather on this Thanksgiving holiday; retailers were promoting Black Friday!!  I'm not feeling it for some strange reason.  
Clearance rack epiphanies per Pre Black Friday reveal how this black man will play!! Like Big Bank Hank (R.I.P.) I'm still giving out breakbeat scientific lessons. 

Taking it to the bridge like James Brown told the boys!!  funk is dropped in these sessions.
What was taught? how did some get down? per grand jury decisions in Ferguson stories were conflicting!! a Deliberate Falsehood?

Perpetrators were contradicting themselves per Darren Wilson!! acting false in the hood?

Haters said it's all good!!  but after Black Friday / Christmans check the shady dealing per harmful debt collection practices!! these jokers aren't playing fair!! we looked around and took notes!!

Now that our own collection activities have escalated were fighting back with the Sonic Assault!! O-Dog brought the sound and O-Zone took quotes!!

Mentioned in other episodes!!  slick ones hacked Diebold machines!! they took votes!! they weren't processed!!

This brotha interpreted codes per street modes!! now the scenario will run something like this!!

Damn!! that's what's heard!! Haters will no doubt receive with mixed emotions the news of my imminent reappearance!

The brief hiatus is over!! collection activities have escalated but we chill!!  showing  no ill emotions!! bringing the truth!! you know some will fear this !!!

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