Thursday, November 6, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific Plans Are Executed PT.2

*Plans Are Executed* nosy ones think they know what's up!! but they don't know this one!!!

So called truth was disputed per Koch Brothers campaign ads; but I took the time to listen!!

I read between the lines;  soon the treasury is looted per the Ebola crisis and war drums per ISIS;  OhYeah!! this brotha is on top of it!!  I *Did The Knowledge*Did The Knowledge*

I read their minds;  it's all about money, power and greed;  that's easy to acknowledge!!!!

Good mileage? true indeed!! we got that on the mothership but bad mileage received by the Crown Vic; it's a gas guzzler! it's a V-8!!

Elixirs, Crunk and energy juices are drunk;  damn!! I even had  a V-8!!

Not discouraged like Cleveland Cavaliers because they're not fast breaking or dunking!!  check out our sound, it's not too late to drop the funk on ya!!

Oh No!!! It's not too late after we peeped game with a *Fresh View**Fresh Vision** now we clean it up like ammonia!!

As we put it on ya!!! patterns are broken that were stereotypical!! plans are executed even though jokers thought they knew what was up!! but *They Don't Know This One*They Don't Know This One**

*Spaced Out* like Saturn: Broken Beats?  Broken English? Check Out The Tools Used By This One!!

*You Don't Know This One* that's what I told pundits and so called experts; as BreakBeat Science is dropped on my kinfolk!!

Check Out the O-Dog Podcast to see how we work it!!  O-ZONE and O-DOG go for broke!!

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