Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ducking and Diving PT.2 ( It's Time For Transition)

I'm still out here!! good things happened when I kept it moving!!  so I keep ducking and diving. 

Breakbeat scientific business is still handled!! please!! I'm circulating!!  this dude is not shucking and jiving. 

Plus I'm not out here styling and profiling;  that makes you a target!! plus this is not popjihadism!!  and I let the hustlers hustle and the players play. 

How's it working son?  how are you living? black men are targets per Ferguson and these other jurisdictions  so this Brotha will pray

No fly zones and other hustle knocks were the order of the day!! just check the bad breaks, setbacks and roadblocks. 

Traffic is creeping along like its I-285 in Atlanta;  who understands a brotha? when I go into funk mode the beat knocks. 

 Magic?  that's what haters are sleeping on!!  it happens when I'm in transition!!  ducking and diving. 

These jokers have the story twisted!!  it's going down like the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers turning things around!!  they thought I was shucking and jiving. 

These jokers have the story twisted!! they play this Louisville / Newburg brotha the other way!!  it's not a good luck thing when I'm arriving at the destination!! 

Oh the drama was revisited but we shall overcome like Negro civil rights slogans / anthems per God being in the blessing business, check the situation...

A brotha is out here circulating!! I'm in transition plus due to the last minute heroics / culmination I was last laughing!!

Others are still out here hating like Ted Cruz vs Mitch McConnell; so how will they respond to a bro? this is not the last math I bring!! 

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