Saturday, November 15, 2014

Doing The Knowledge PT.2 Work Is Put In

O-Zone handles his business!! please!!  there's no telling what he's doing!!!

Hooking up beats with O-Dog or writing until his wrist is hurting!!

From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? finger falling off like Jose Canseco?  whatcha know? I'm open minded!! no tunnel vision!!!

Once again it's on!! the truth? I'm not disputing!! I'm Coming with a Fresh Perspective *A Fresh View* A Fresh Vision*

No intermission *Work Is Put In*  I'm not like Tony Abbott not shirtfronting Vladimir Putin when Stephen Harper had to rebuke him!! I'm in search of clarification!! .

*Extraordinary Flexibility Is Required For Success*'s part of the equation

Providing *Illumination* per G20 black money!! to some it's a rude awakening!!

Lights shine down!! peeped the attitude!! they didn't want to give a black man the money that he's owed!!  it appears some are faking!! .

But I was going for mine!! I'm  taking what I could get out of every situation!!

Studied the streets, studied in college, and studied in church;  in search of clarification!!

Hit the nation up with the sound!! I keep telling you work is put in!! .

*Extraordinary Flexibility* enabled us to have a *Fresh Vision*

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