Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Collection Activities Are Escalated PT 4 (Humpday Edition)

Scattered thoughts are collected; might even go back in the day and play some old school, I want to be free like Ohio Players!!

Back in the day?  lived on Ezzard Charles up in Cincinnati, Ohio near Washington Park so I know all about those players!!

Hustlers and players!! these days they transformed coming in many shapes and forms!! from Keystone XL supporters to Bill Cosby finding out how the sport does!! meanwhile I say prayers!! Lord Have Mercy!!!

Experiencing scenarios;  from grey areas to Bay Areas; now telling you what the worst case can be!!!

Per Ferguson and other areas authorities chase me and my kind!! they said we match the composite.......

But work is put in!! Hmmm; college educated / religious and conducting this breakbeat scientific business!! I'm the polar opposite......

Not bi-polar out here in the middle of the ongoing polar vortex!!  stop this madness!!  scattered thoughts are collected but as I come back with this? I see the madness doesn't stop!! it doesn't stop!!

Collection activities are escalated though some still hated!! ISIS takes over Syria!! or maybe business is conducted per Goodluck Jonathan and Boko Haram?  they won't quit and won't stop!!

Did they miss you? trapped in the Gaza Strip isolated with no supplies!! waiting on helicopters and cruise ships!

Israelis set up an embargo!! you know how it go!! did they dis you? worried about reactions when one loses!! who flips? who flips?

O-Zone trips!! but not on controlled substances!!  scattered thoughts are collected!! collection activities have escalated!! it's just how my mind works!!

The danger zone? a bro skips through / dips through; analyzing circumstances that are debatable!! being built or torn down? why is it that my kind hurts?

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