Monday, November 10, 2014

Collection Activities Are Escalated

I'm just playing it like this; thoughts are collected like bad debt by collectors; I'm not on the no call list..

*BreakBeat Science*  *Scattered Thoughts Collected*  the activity is escalating!! will I rise or fall with this?

Thoughts are collected!! Total Recall per Colin Farrell and not Arnold Schwarzenegger!! theres's no Sympathy For The Devil like the Rolling Stones!!  I'm not at the banquet with the beggars!!  this science is connected to soul, rock, jazz, and hip-hop

*Next Level Dramatics* are interpreted;  like Boko Haram in Nigeria the drama doesn't quit and it doesn't stop

Tired of the hurt and the pain;  so I was either cruising down I-20 in Atlanta, West Coasting out on I-80 in Oakland  or even Carnival Cruising in the Caribbean.

Just Trying To Maintain!! trying to stay one step ahead of jackers and the Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Just Trying To Maintain!! once winning / ahead;  sometimes losing / behind; like 49er's against the Saints? we sometimes win in overtime up in this sport!!

In the land of the Aztec and Mayan?  O-Zone  wasn't playing!! he wrote his own scriptures and put them the Jan-sport!!

....And I know how to play the sport up in this danger zone; O-Dog's sonic mixtures / pictures that are  developed show that I have credentials!

Elixirs, tonics and other mixtures are in the melting pot; my mind is taking pictures!! local, national, international and intergalactic? I'm channeling spirits of residentials!!

Respect these Sonic Assaults as some will get whats coming to them!! check the karma!! it comes back like collection agencies trying to collect old debt!!

Hell was caught!! let the healing process began!! now scattered thoughts are collected!! activities have escalated!! we won't stop and quit!! 

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