Saturday, November 29, 2014

Staying Strong (Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength) Part One

In this world?  you know you've got to be strong!!  just look around you and take notes.

Per Ferguson see when and where the damage is; Darren Wilson types show no remorse so we fight back!! weapons used by this brotha?  I'll take beats and quotes...

It doesn't matter if some lie to the masses per the GOP and Democrats or even take votes per Diebold machines tampered with!! 

Identify yourself at the polls!! laws implemented by trolls!! it's On!!  what? The Sonic Assault!! O-Dog is bold!! he's bringing beats to get amped with..

Caught up in the system / matrix but I wasn't stamped with the barcode!! plus the microchip wasn't implanted!! instruments will intercept GPS tracking...

O-Zone?  oh!! he's from anotha zone!! Micro/Macro economics studied!! work was put in!! a brotha is not slacking!!

O-Dog adjusts bass, treble and tone; It's On!!  we're not lacking the funky essentials..

In this world of trouble? supreme courage and maximum strength is needed!!  per the Lord?  we all have credentials!! 

The potential for trouble is everywhere;  check the mass hysteria from Egypt to Boko Haram in Nigeria!! outposts for Spiritual Warfare? 

Still blessed double for the trouble!! if your not like North Korea corrupting Sony Picture software..

Can't be soft over there or here!!  so the Sonic Assault will be what you hear....

In This World? know you've got to be strong!! overcome the irrational fear..

It can be local, national, international or intergalactic!! it's here!!! and you have to be strong to fight it...

Using this sound as we proceed through the darkness!! the fuse?  we light it!!


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