Friday, November 7, 2014

Going Off On Them / Doing What I Do!!

The brotha O-D-O-G will get off!!!  I'm doing what I do!! Sounds are manipulated!!

It's not beyond him!!! that's what he'll do!!!!. how will they respond to him? disrespected like Obama by fellow Democrats? what's up with that? Don't you hate it?

Learned it's never too late! please!! per Brothers Johnson  Blessings come right on time!!

Where you tipping off to?? that's what they asked a brotha after I cut the corner!! Please!!! *I'm Trying To Get My Mind Right*..Now is the time!!!

Where are you slipping off to?? like the The Bengals Beaten By The Browns You Fell Off??...It's a damn shame!!

Check what I'm flipping to you!! breakbeat science is used as a weapon in spiritual warfare!! *We Have To Fight* up in this game!!

But I'm not tripping on you!! *This Is Not A Game* word from a veteran in the game!! it's real.

 From the ATL to Pluto / Mars; local, national, international, intergalactic or even interstellar we face the drama; now that's the deal!!

I'm feeling you based on what we do to ourselves!!  knowing your caught up in a similar  situation!!

*We Have To Struggle And Fight Through The Confusion, Failure and Frustration*

So what you facing?? Please!! like Russia vs Ukraine It can get *Way Too Real*Way Too Real*

But praying to God will get us through!!! He'll give us strength!!! now we're going off on them!! doing what we do!!  that's the deal!!!



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