Thursday, October 30, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific / It's All About Liberation PT. 2

Next level business is conducted but you'll be made into a defendant; caught out there like Eric Frein in Pennsylvania!! It'll be the state versus whoever!!!

We know what the deal is; actually some will even be a co-defendant per Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend bike riding in Maine!!  some people's life is dependent on whoever is  clever!!

Or is it whoever *thinks* they are clever; per the turmoil in Ferguson  man made endeavors fail!!!

Told you earlier **God Is In Control** at the end of the day? his will  prevails!!!

O-ZONE set sails; taking a *Fantastic Voyage* like Lakeside!!

...More like a mystical journey;  intergalactic out there in the galaxy or chilling by the sea or even the lake side!!

...As I ride off into the atmosphere: it's all about liberation!! the concept is universal!!

Praying; With No Delaying!! away!!  that's where the curse will go!!!

Not the first to know others...O-ZONE **Did The Knowledge**

Not the first to know this!! I Tried things...**Crashed And Burned** that I acknowledge!!! was like that NASA / Antares rocket!! so what was learned?? reality checks were cashed based on what I learned now I'm  **Getting Free And Staying  Free! it's all about Liberation**

Tried things!! Now It's Time For Us To Drop This Sound On The Nation!!!!

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