Saturday, October 18, 2014

False Alarms

Jokers will roll up;  you'll get accosted!!  its like Hurricane Gonzalo hitting Bermuda!!  your caught in a storm. 

 Authorities will roll up; they'll get foul with a bro!!  damn!!  you just got swatted due to the false alarm. 

During outback chronicles?  mosquitoes get swatted for trying to roll up with the West Nile!!  yo!! it's Fall!! they're trying to get their last bites in.

 How did some respond to these and those?  misery loves company check the corporation!! some celebrate like Kool and The Gang!! it's so exciting!!  

How did some respond to these and those?  fool!! it's not strange!! lightning bolts strike those that told a damn lie!!

Usain Bolt type moves were made due to the false alarm;  is that what it sounds like when doves cry?

 Thats per Prince;  check the circumstance  / who's being built or torn down?

It's debatable;  Obama found out what the hate will do as Republicans run the ship aground. 

I even thought I was getting down but it was a false alarm.

 CDC mentioned a false positive!!  now in the midst of Ebola I try to stay positive!!  even though all the bells and whistles go off due to the false alarm!

Who paid attention?  they tried to act like they know a brotha!! but I knew it was a false alarm!!

Who paid attention? jokers threw up the peace sign like ceasefires in Nigeria; then they get attacked by Boko Haram!!

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