Monday, October 13, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific / The Drama Is Revisited

Breakbeat Science is reloaded; like Tracy Morgan trying to recover after Wal Mart tried to blame him for the accident the drama is revisited!!!!

Breakbeat Science is reloaded; the mothership landed!! I wasn't drafted into spiritual warfare; this brotha enlisted!!!

The Vladimir Putin / iron fisted ruler from the school of hard knocks is confronted Tony Abbott style!! he was shocked that O-Dog rocks!!!

The truth? it's disputed in this game!! my number was listed!! soon I was subject to the authority!! damn!! they had O-Zone in a locked down situation!! but I tampered with the locks!!!

A brotha clocks his surroundings; like the Ebola breach of protocol investigation I   **Do The Knowledge** ;  that was the advice given to me; so I found a clearing!!!

I need to do like Oscar Pistorius I need to *Get my mind right* ; that way I wont be victimized by social engineering!!!

My vehicle has power steering:  now we dip through the galaxy!! we we're intergalactic with it!! extraterrestrials? we interacted with!! now the sound we bring uplifts the culture!!

Some are loathing and fearing!! it's no one of a kind love affair like the Spinners: the smell of blood will attract a vulture!

So we interrupt your regular scheduled programming  to give you this bulletin!!

*A Man Was Shot At A Cheap Hotel In The Gwinnett Area*, What was he pulling?

Pulling a caper, *trying to get that paper* of the negotiable variety!!!

Somebody said it's *All About The Benjamin's Baby* as we get breakbeat scientific with it the drama is revisited; don't lie to me!!!!!!

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