Tuesday, October 7, 2014

But I'm Just Saying PT. 2

I was trying to hold that thought per knowing Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey wouldn't stay together;  you know what I'm saying? 

Somebody is lying showing that cold heart!! but they told me they had heart!! supposedly I'm understanding that they're fair with me!!  but I'm just saying!

Actions speak louder than words; no blurred lines per Robin Thicke!!  so these good words are backed up with O-Dog's street funk.

Actions speak louder than words;  it's going down from Louisville to the ATL!!  we're in these streets getting crunk. 

Actions speak louder than words;  the fast break is finished with a dunk per Cleveland's  Kyrie Irving dishing to Lebron James

Actions speak louder than words;  this is word from a coach based on being a veteran in these games!!

Meanwhile,  like citizens of West Africa and the Ebola outbreak society blames my peeps for the chaos and mayhem.

No justice no peace is the catch phrase / cliche;  I'm just saying. 

What's up with us? cutting up in your local ghetto; barrio; suburb; business!! might even be in your church!!

What's up with us? slick preachers / ministers were rocking gators  and flashy polyester suits as they counted the cash flow from the collection plate; putting down their hustle at the Macedonia Baptist Church!!
Next Level Dramatics occur per ISIS rolling up on Macedonia; the arch nemesis  never left the premises; so I guess it's the rebirth!!

These next level mathematics dropped during the ongoing crisis are just for ya!! word from the salt of the earth!! 

These next devils exhibit their dramatic skills; I told you before!!  this salt of the earth representative walks among royalty!!!

Actually?  those that represent drama; these kings and queens were  showing no loyalty!!

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