Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lock It Down

It's going down!! like Mississippi State locking down the SEC by beating Auburn we lock it down!! then we throw away the keys!!

What went down? O-Dog was an unknowing benefactor of a radio station format change; it was strange! throw away these?

Throw away those?? what? 12" DJ dubplates?  please!! I'll take them!!  it was history in the making!! beats were broken and chopped up then put on O-Dog's Podcast!!

Please!!! I wasn't at ease!! I turned off the TV and  Radio!! now check out the alternative broadcast!!

Propaganda? Gossip?  Innuendo? weak comedy?  all of the above were broadcast by the media!!!

Understand a brotha; check out this Ferguson Weekend Of Resistance type rebuttal to subliminal messages planted that were meant to impede ya! they feed ya a pre-packaged meal with no nutrients;  it's not good for ya!!!

We were putting work in!! we weren't slack with it!! some say we're acting brand new with it when we rock ya!! the system attacks you like the Islamic State vs Kurds in Kobane!!  it knocks ya out of your comfort zone!!!

We weren't through dealing!! we repell the hate with broken words and broken beats; **Random Thoughts** are expressed by the brotha O-Zone!!!!

We weren't through dealing!! O-Dog rocks it!! he locks it down!!  once again it's on! like popcorn? it's on and poppin!!!!

*It's Not A Game* : please!!  *We Can't Let Up** ; we're not stoppin!!!!

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