Sunday, October 5, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Still Doing The Knowledge

Guess who's back? once again it's on!!  this brotha is back in the spot.

I was still doing the knowledge; like Turkey fighting ISIS to clock the Kurds? I'm  keeping track of the scheme and plot. 

I'm dropping knowledge as O-Dog rocks and O-Zone has these good words; meanwhile the have and have nots do battle;  who's victimized? 

The situation is sick like Ebola from Dallas to Monrovia; ATL players said they're trying to get over like Superfly per Curtis Mayfield!!  a joker kicked those lies. 

They said they're the Real Deal Holyfield!!  but at the end of the day we find out otherwise. 

All up in the spot!!  a brotha had to deal with the wise and otherwise.

Surprise!  surprise!  surprise! that's  per Gomer Pyle!!  soon jokers cash reality checks. 

I kept my eye on the price even when society disrespects.

Meanwhile cops front like it's Ferguson!! the  flashlight meets the skull of a so called suspect!!

Turning the heat up like Miami?  featuring Bosh and D-Wade? what can we expect?

Meanwhile authorities collect stashes of meth and cocaine before they hit the street!!

Someone told me they'll take their cut out of it; then it'll be back on the street!!!

Making sure "mine" is tight; I make sure this breakbeat scientific  business is straight!!

I'm in conflict with this world!! trying to be righteous in a world full of hate!!!

But it's not too late!!! Me and O-DOG bring this sound  through!!

Oh Yeah!!!! were still doing the knowledge!!!! Making sure that it's thorough!!!

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