Thursday, October 2, 2014

Change of Scenery PT.7 (Not Up In The Spot)

It's going down after jumping and recognizing!!   I had to change the game up. 

I had to change the scenery; I might shut it down per Public Enemy or even Burn Hollywood Burn;  and turn the flame up. 

It's all game up in this piece!!  but I'm at peace even though there's no justice and peace!! I'm not trying to burn any bridges. 

Acting the same up in this piece and that piece!!  any revelations? any tools used?  doing the knowledge is

Acting the same up in this and that piece? any fools used? of course they were!! but per Simon and Garfunkel bridges over troubled waters are built when we put it down like this. 

Unlike North Korea building tunnels to South Korea!! I see ya if your running the right route!! Teddy Bridgewater type passes are thrown after we find out what the deal is!

Those dealing with ISIS in Syria know what the real is!  they're out there on the frontlines!!

Those dealing with the crisis in Ferguson said that's ground zero..similar to George Zimmerman fronting on mine..

Where have you found this Negro? I'm putting work in son!! breakbeat scientific business as usual!! 

I even had the Throwback Thursday Edition!! check the steelo!! rolling like a gangster during Prohibition!! acting like I knew!!

What it do? being hungry and thirsty made me change the scenery like when I left Louisville to come to the ATL..

What it do? I'm broadcasting from a remote outpost!! I wasn't up in the spot!! I was wise to the set up!! like Obama vs Republicans jokers wanted me to fail...

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