Sunday, October 19, 2014


Get your mind right!! I'm trying to increase my territory per Donald Lawrence!!  it's all about expansion!!!

From the slums of Detroit to Atlanta!! home of the chemtrails!! it's also where you can buy a fake mansion!!

...and make an impression on someone who doesn't know better!!

Imagination stretching!!  they'll actually think your a a go getter!!!

A DON'T STOP GET IT GETTER!!! but reality will say whatever!!!

Now reality checks are cashed; If endeavors are not righteous?  repercussions are felt by the so called cunning and clever!!

As I collect scattered thoughts?   soon I unleash Sonic Assaults!! addictions to percussions are addressed!

O-DOG won't check into re-hab!!  even though he stands accused like Isaac Hayes and he even confessed!!!!

**** O-ZONE WAS ONCE STRESSED***** But I let it go!
I did the knowledge!!  many things are just out of my control!! so check out how I roll!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta rocking Pro Keds or Converse All-Stars as I conversed with y'all!!

*living in Georgia too long; picking up the accent* .... yes yes y'all  / yes yes y'all

To the beat y'all !!  O-Dizzle will rock it while O-Zone is about expansion!! from the last to the first; but not trying to go from first to last!!!

What's up y'all? what's the dizzle? the reign began with a drizzle now it's falling!! somebody said something about expansion!! per ISIS in Kobane the guns blast!!

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